The Poker Run on the Lake, Event Details
(Lake Lanier, Georgia)

At Registration, Captains will be given a CAPTAIN's lanyard to be displayed at each card stop and a one page route map of Lake Lanier. The back of the map will contain a number, designating the number of the cards (hands) that your boat will receive at each stop. The cards will be oversized playing cards, sealed in an envelope. Five cards make a hand (general poker rules apply) and all cards not sealed in original envelope will be disqualified.
When a registered Captain returns to play the hand at Sunset Cove Casino tables, between 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM Saturday evening, the Captain will then draw and play any additional hands purchased. If the Captain desires at that time they will be able to purchase more hands for $50.00 each, or an additional card ($50.00) for an existing hand, and play them as well.  In the unlikely event of a tie, winner will be chosen by picking one sealed card each, high card wins, low card second. For event schedule details (See "Event Schedule")

At registration, Captains will be given a NORMAL RUN route card to follow at your leisure to the various card stops which are open from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM


The Captain chooses to participate in the LONG RUN. The LONG RUN (From the Buford Dam to Gainesville Marina) will begin at 11:30 AM at the dam and will be a staggered start with five groups separated by five minutes each.
At registration, Captains will choose their category separated by color and one participant in each category will be asked to volunteer to carry the flag and start

ORANGE flag = 100+ MPH
YELLOW flag = 90+ MPH
PURPLE flag = 80+ MPH
WHITE flag = 70+ MPH
BLUE flag = 69 MPH and below

Safety is of utmost importance, you will notice there is not a green flag or checkered flag. This is not a race or a timed event. We are separating the LONG RUN categories in five minute intervals so all will enjoy a safe start and a smoother ride.

At 11:30 the ORANGE group will start behind the boat with the ORANGE flag.
At 11:35 the YELLOW group will start behind the boat with the YELLOW flag.
At 11:40 the PURPLE group will start behind the boat with the PURPLE flag.
At 11:45 the WHITE group will start behind the boat with the WHITE flag.
At 11:50 the BLUE group will start behind the boat with the BLUE flag.

Please allow plenty of room between boats, no running abreast, always staggered. Life jackets required to be worn anytime the boat is on plane. Boats 100+ required to have full life jackets, no inflatable's.
There will be three helicopters collecting video footage throughout the event.  If there is an incident on the water and you see a helicopter or boat displaying a RED FLAG, immediately come off plane to an idle and if so equipped tune VHF radio to channel 78 for any announcements. After identifying the reason, you may resume normal safe operation.